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Activities are only offered in combination with a package, lunch or dinner.

Are you looking for a beautiful outdoor location for an active program in Twente? Erve Hulsbeek offers extensive possibilities for activities in the beautiful wooded surroundings. Together with our colleagues at Hulsbeek we offer the following tours, theme parties and programs: quad riding, horse mixing, GPS tour, murder tour, workshop yoga and mindfulness, workshop Djembe or Rithm on Trash, tree climbing, zip lines, abseiling, canoeing, canoe polo, high rope course, low rope course, orientation tour. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a customized active program for all your activities in Twente.

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Murder of Saint Nicholas

Trips in Twente
A couple of strange companions at your party and two competing St. Nicholas clubs... These are the ingredients for a very special evening. You have been invited to the Saint Nicholas celebration and everything is ready to receive the Saint Nicholas. The big chair, St. Nicholas songs, presents and everything else that makes such an evening so special.


Trips in Twente
We take you back to the year 1920. In that year, a murder was committed at the then Erve Hulsbecke. Although there were clear clues, the culprit was never found. You will be present on the evening after her burial, when the will was drawn up by the...

Twentse Sagen and Legends Tour

Theme parties Twente
We have selected, adapted and combined the legends and sagas of Twente into a journey with many things to experience, in which guests have to complete a number of physical tasks and solve puzzles. In this way, the tour has become a mixture of theatre and activities for both young and old.

The Mystery of the Hulsbeker Watermill

Trips in Twente
In 1748, Lubbert Hulsbeek was the lessee of the Hulsbeker watermill. He was a man who did not play by the rules. It is not without reason that the mill had to be demolished soon after Lubbert was deprived of his lease in 1749. But what was going on?

Children's treasure hunt

Trips in Twente
During the puzzle tour you will explore Landoed Het Hulsbeek in a fun way. Via a route description that starts from our yard, you will walk a route of about 4 km in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. You will pass the most beautiful spots of Het Hulsbeek. During this tour you will solve questions...

Gallows, the wheel and love

Trips in Twente
A centuries-old watermill, a rich farmer's daughter, an impossible love and the gallows. Enough ingredients to keep you busy during this theme party. On top of the gallows hump you have to answer questions. Too many mistakes? Who will be hanged on the gallows? How can you convince the rich farmer's daughter...

Colour and Image

Workshops Twente
Which colours make you shine and which colours are better not to wear? Not every colour suits everyone. The right colours make your eyes sparkle, colour your skin naturally and mask imperfections. The combination of the colour of your skin, eyes and hair determines your colour type. We work with 4 colour types...

Yoga at Yoga Femina

Active program Workshops Twente
Up to a maximum of 12 people it is possible to take an introductory lesson in Easy Flow Yoga. The lesson will be taught by Sonja Heuvelmans. Yoga mats are available. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing and something warm to wear during the relaxation exercises. The workshop takes one and a half hours and...

Improvisational theatre

Workshops Twente
Playing with nothing. Your input makes the game. There are several possibilities: * A workshop during a study day or as a teambuilding outing * A workshop during a bachelor party * An improv evening in combination with a dinner with your company or family. Between the courses we entertain you with IMPRO theatre. U...

European Games

Active programme
In various European countries, games and/or sports are played, both recreationally and at competition level. We have selected a number of these games in order to put together a European Games Package. These are games in which anyone can participate, but where also a competition element is built in to be...

Old Dutch Games

Recreational programme
An old-fashioned fun afternoon or evening for young and old with old Dutch games in Twente from grandmother's time. Six of the following games will be prepared for groups of 12 people or more. Hammer game, draw billiards, cheese game, shuffleboard, roller rink, man game, ring toss and the spiral. Costs The costs for the Oud...

Scottish Highland Games

Active programme
Experience an adventurous afternoon with original Scottish Highland Games. The participants are divided into various 'Clans' (teams) who will measure their strength under the leadership of a 'Chieftain' (team leader) in an authentic Scottish kilt. The programme is introduced by a bagpiper. The 'Clans' will compete in the following events: Archery...

Mountain biking

Active programme
Mountain biking The mountain bike route at Hulsbeek has been laid outside the recreational paths as much as possible. No narrow broken-in tracks, but a few centimetres deep dug path. This sometimes exposes sturdy tree roots, which makes the route more challenging. Furthermore, an artificial washboard of hills has been created, which makes the...

Outdoor Challenge Park

Active programme

Sense tour

Trips in Twente


Active programme
Horse driving is a challenging activity. Three or four participants first travel as passengers in a carriage pulled by a pair of horses. An experienced coachman is in charge of the team. After an introduction and instruction, the participants are given the reins in their hands and can drive the...


Active programme
Conquer the flag of your opponent with your team in the woods of the Hulsbeek in Oldenzaal. Provide an organized paintball defense and an effective attack! Cooperation, tactics and especially speed in this paintball game is very important. There are several game modes can be played. Each game begins with an extensive...

Quad riding

Active programme
At Het Hulsbeek there is a quad terrain where Quadverhuur Neerpelt provides our quad riding programmes. A program consists of a minimum of five quads. You can use a maximum of ten quads per group. A guideline for the number of quads per group for the programme opposite is one quad per 3 participants. Programme Instructions and...

Herding in Twente

Active programme Recreational programme
The shepherd Mieke Boode, can give a demonstration of sheep herding in Twente with her sheep and border collies. During this demonstration, the shepherd tells about the training of the dogs, the breeding of the sheep and dogs and the work of the flock in nature. Mieke's flock consists of...

Birds of prey demonstration

Recreational programme
During our birds of prey demonstrations we fly with different types of birds. Every bird of prey has its own way of flying, eating and hunting. We will fly with falcons, buzzards, owls, eagles and vultures. Maybe a bird will land on your hand! Read on for the possibilities. Birds Falcons...


Recreational programme
The pub quiz consists of eight rounds and an individual round. The rounds are structured as follows: four question rounds, two picture rounds and two music rounds. The content is general and suitable for groups of various ages. The duration of the quiz is between six and seven quarters of an hour. The individual quiz is...

Hand archery