Activities are only offered in combination with a package, lunch or dinner.

At Hulsbeek you will find the curling lane of KV De Eendracht. This course offers a challenging game of curling!

Klootschieten is played with two or more teams going over the track at the same time. In Twente, "klootschieten" is a much-practised sport. The team members take turns to shoot. The ball may only be thrown underhand. The next team member shoots at the spot where the ball has stopped. The place is indicated by the "stick person". He places a stick across the track, up to which point the shooter may make a run.

Each team has a leader (opperkloot) who notes the number of shots of his own team as well as those of the opponent. Along the way the leaders compare the scores as often as they deem necessary. At the last throw that passes the turning point, the distance in metres that the ball has travelled from the turning point is measured. After this, the next player begins to throw the same number of metres from the turning point and the teams cover the distance to the start of the rink again. The distance covered by the ball after the finish is also measured. Afterwards, the number of shots is counted; in the event of a tie, the team that has crossed the finish line the most metres wins.

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