The Mystery of the Hulsbeker Watermill

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It was around 1700 that a Klaas Annink was born in the hamlet of Bentelo. There were large groups of day labourers, tramps and small farmers who in times of disaster fell into the worst forms of poverty. The step to crime is then small. Klaas Annink, nicknamed Huttenkloas, literally grew up for gallows and horses. Murder and manslaughter were regular topics of conversation at home with Kloas, his wife Aarne and son Jannes. Things went from bad to worse. At last, the evidence of the murders committed by Huttenkloas and his men became so clear that they were imprisoned in Oldenzaal. Huttenkloas spent 110 days chained to a straightjacket before he was put on trial.

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Improvisational theatre

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Playing with nothing. Your input makes the game. There are several possibilities: * A workshop during a study day or as a teambuilding outing * A workshop during a bachelor party * An improv evening in combination with a dinner with your company or family. Between the courses we entertain you with IMPRO theatre. U...

Yoga at Yoga Femina

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Up to a maximum of 12 people it is possible to take an introductory lesson in Easy Flow Yoga. The lesson will be taught by Sonja Heuvelmans. Yoga mats are available. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing and something warm to wear during the relaxation exercises. The workshop takes one and a half hours and...