Collaborative family business

About Erve Hulsbeek

Hotel Erve Hulsbeek has been owned by the Heuvelmans family since 2001. Since that time the company has developed into a beautiful four-star superior hotel. A collaborative family business where hospitality always comes first. 



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Management team Erve Hulsbeek hotel
Management team: Piet and Sonja Heuvelmans, Sam Heuvelmans and Dyonne Teunen

History Timeline


Conversion to multipurpose accommodation

Starting this year, Piet and Sonja are renovating Erve Hulsbeek into a multifunctional accommodation with several characteristic rooms. One of these is "the authentic showroom," pictured here. In the years that follow, several renovations take place.


'Realization café
In the old potting shed'

The very first renovation took place in 2004. This was the realization of the café 'In the old potting shed' with a covered terrace. In this year, the size of Erve Hulsbeek is five times smaller than it is now and the site serves mainly as a group accommodation, party and meeting location. Every weekend the accommodation is filled with groups who come to play sports on the grounds. They sleep, have breakfast and dinner at Erve Hulsbeek. At that time the guests arranged their own dinner in the Potstal. They often barbecued or ate nasi, so there was no à la carte menu yet. The first eight years characterized the success of Erve Hulsbeek.


Dredging Spring Pond

In addition to many changes inside, there is also hard work outside. In 2005 the Springervijver will be dredged. Now when you enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch on our terrace outside in the sun, you look out over the beautiful Springer Pond.


Realization conservatory and meeting room

Once again it is time for a major renovation. In this year, the restaurant with conservatory and meeting room were realized. A menu was created and the renovation provided space to hire more staff. Little by little, Erve Hulsbeek grew into the hotel it is today. In addition, Erve Hulsbeek has been a wedding location for the municipality of Oldenzaal since 2007. Since then some 500 couples have already married at Erve Hulsbeek at the Springervijver, in the Pronkkamer or Serre. As a wedding planner, Sonja ensures an unforgettable day!


Renovating Springer Garden

In 2010, a major change will take place outside on the grounds: the Springer garden will be renovated based on original designs by L.A. Springer from 1917. This is being done together with Landschap Overijssel. Footpaths will be built, terraces restored and the Springer hill will be raised. In addition, during this renovation, in the Gammelkerbeek, remnants are found of the foundation of a medieval water mill and the foundation of an old horse stable. Immediately a project is started to make these visible to visitors, so now you can enjoy a beautiful walk along the history of the estate with cortent steel bridge, water wheel and original mill stone.


Opening four-star hotel

In this year, the four-star hotel with 15 luxurious rooms opens its doors, completely in the style of the location. Sonja finds her passion in styling the interior. She creates her own unique style for hotel Erve Hulsbeek. The style can still be found throughout the location. Meanwhile, Sam (son) and Dyonne , who are seen as potential successors also have a say in this. In addition to the four-star hotel, the 'Kapschuur' is also being built. This barn is realized with wood directly from the surroundings of Erve Hulsbeek.


5 stars in the National Group Accommodation Classification

In 2014, Pete and Sonja receive 5 stars in the National Group Accommodation Classification. This classification is seen by companies as an important way to distinguish themselves from fellow companies. With this amount of stars, family Heuvelmans achieves the highest possible score. Also in this year the kitchen was expanded with a large sink kitchen.

TC TUBANTIA 2014 5 star group accommodation


New reception!

Time for a new reception area! In addition, the former reception area will be transformed into a breakfast area. This change will also give the hotel a more professional look and feel.

Reception 2015

2018 - 2019

Additional rooms and suites

After the realization of 15 luxury rooms including a bridal suite in 2012, another 13 luxury rooms, 3 family rooms and 2 suites will be realized in 2018. The Coach House will be demolished for this purpose. At the same time, this major renovation will bring about a change in the organization and vision for the future. The growth of the hotel with 4 **** ensures that more functions can be created within the organization. 

2019 - renovation and modernization of current kitchen for à la carte cuisine.



Son Sam and girlfriend Dyonne working in hotel

Little boys grow up! Sonja and Piet's youngest son, Sam Heuvelmans, returns to hotel Erve Hulsbeek in his graduation year due to the corona crisis. Because of his now acquired experience at the high hotel school and various hotels, he can immediately start working in his parents' hotel. Over the years Sam has become an indispensable face at Erve Hulsbeek. Meanwhile, there is even the plan to pass the baton to son Sam and his girlfriend Dyonne, whom he met at the higher hotel school.


New parking lot design

As a finishing touch, in the fall of 2021, the parking lot will be redesigned and completely updated to reflect modern times and the style of the hotel. The parking lot will feature planting, proper lighting and, in time, charging stations. In addition, the parking lot will be expanded with a lockable bike shed for guests. This is equipped with electric charging points so that guests can also charge their electric bicycles during their stay.


4**** Superior review

On Oct. 12, 2022, we received a new rating for our hotel. We were rated as 4**** Superior.