Hiking trails

A number of beautiful walking routes over Het Hulsbeek start from the hotel: for instance the Tree Route of 8.9 km or the Nature Path of 3.2 km. Furthermore, we have multi-day walking arrangements whereby we bring the guests to the starting point of the walks. You will then walk stages of 20-25 km of the Twente Path through the most beautiful parts of Twente.

Walking with Truus Wijnen

Active Culture Nature

Truus Wijnen is a real hiking enthusiast from Twente, with a passion for photography. She wrote her own book and has twice, in cooperation with Twente routes, created the 'most beautiful walk of the year'. Do you want to know what her favourite hiking routes are? Check them out through the link below!


Active Nature Hiking

The north-east of Twente is eminently suitable for a beautiful walk. The Twente path shows all facets of this part of Twente: country estates, country estates, nature reserves, old farming land, signs of old cultures and former activities. If you book one of our walking package deals, you can enjoy this beautiful route and then rest with us in a four-star room surrounded by nature of your choice!

Nature trail (3.5 km)

Active Nature Hiking

The Twente Walking Network is the most beautiful walking network in the Netherlands. Walking along the nature trail at Het Hulsbeek, signs along the way will tell you a lot about the trees, shrubs and plants you'll encounter. At the holly sign, for example, you can even read how to become the boss in the house! The larger signs tell you all about the woods, the stream and the church path through the moor. The route is very suitable for walking all or part of the way with children and is 3.5 kilometres in total. The nature path is signposted with the red arrow. Both routes start at P2.

Tree route (9km)

Active Nature Hiking

There are no less than 6000 kilometres of walking possibilities in Twente. The Tree Route over Het Hulsbeek is one of them. Walking along the Tree Route, you will find information about many different types of trees and shrubs. You will come across special trees, such as the Borrenbergs oak and the beech avenue dating back to 1895, which is more than 120 years old. At the Toetersdennen, you will also see a striking tree on the former border between the marke and Gammelke and the marke Berghuizen. Nearby is a mark stone. The route is signposted with a purple arrow. The route is no less than 9 kilometres long. Both routes start at P2.

Walking the dog

Active Nature Hiking

Dogs are welcome at Het Hulsbeek in the period from October till September on the sandy beaches, the sunbathing meadows, the walking paths or in the swimming water of Het Hulsbeek. In the other areas ('outer area') dogs are only allowed on a leash and in the company of their owner. See the map!