Birds of prey demonstration

Activities are only offered in combination with a package, lunch or dinner.

During the birds of prey demonstration we fly with different birds of prey. Every bird of prey has its own way of flying, eating and hunting. We will fly with falcons, buzzards, owls, eagles and vultures.

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Improvisational theatre

Workshops Twente
Playing with nothing. Your input makes the game. There are several possibilities: * A workshop during a study day or as a teambuilding outing * A workshop during a bachelor party * An improv evening in combination with a dinner with your company or family. Between the courses we entertain you with IMPRO theatre. U...

Yoga at Yoga Femina

Active program Workshops Twente
Up to a maximum of 12 people it is possible to take an introductory lesson in Easy Flow Yoga. The lesson will be taught by Sonja Heuvelmans. Yoga mats are available. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing and something warm to wear during the relaxation exercises. The workshop takes one and a half hours and...

Colour and Image

Workshops Twente
Which colours make you shine and which colours are better not to wear? Not every colour suits everyone. The right colours make your eyes sparkle, colour your skin naturally and mask imperfections. The combination of the colour of your skin, eyes and hair determines your colour type. We work with 4 colour types...