Gallows, the wheel and love

Activities are only offered in combination with a package, lunch or dinner.

A centuries-old watermill, a rich farmer's daughter, an impossible love and the gallows. Enough ingredients to keep you busy during this theme party. On top of the gallows hump you have to answer questions. Too many mistakes? Who will be hanged on the gallows? How can you get the rich farmer's daughter across the water? Is the miller really the real miller? An adventure full of thinking, doing and having fun.

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Improvisational theatre

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Playing with nothing. Your input makes the game. There are several possibilities: * A workshop during a study day or as a teambuilding outing * A workshop during a bachelor party * An improv evening in combination with a dinner with your company or family. Between the courses we entertain you with IMPRO theatre. U...

Yoga at Yoga Femina

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Up to a maximum of 12 people it is possible to take an introductory lesson in Easy Flow Yoga. The lesson will be taught by Sonja Heuvelmans. Yoga mats are available. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing and something warm to wear during the relaxation exercises. The workshop takes one and a half hours and...